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The World Through a Quilter's Eye

Welcome to my very first blog! As I cautiously step through this new adventure I ask your patience as sometimes teaching this old dog a new trick can be an arduous process. Speaking of dogs, my latest adventure took me to Columbus Ohio where I got to meet Cana and Luther from Ironwood Wolves. Not to mention their stunning model the one and only Laura Dark! Such an amazing opportunity and I also got to meet some other great photographers as well like the lovely Deborah Gazerani from Arezu_Photography.

This is Luther and it was his very first photo shoot. He was a little rambunctious and really just wanted to play and be cuddled but the few shots I was able to get showed off his good side.

Luara and Cana have worked together many times before and you could really tell in how they interacted with each other. Cana had such a sweet disposition and many times interrupted the photo shoot to give Laura big puppy kisses.

I will definitely look into more shoots with Ironwood as they also have foxes. Be prepared to see more of them in future posts.

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