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Scary Good Time at HorrorHound 2019

This last weekend was HorrorHound in Cincinnati and what a great time to snap some pictures that I can't get anywhere else. I have found that these fans of the horror genre are some of the nicest people you can meet and when they put so much time and effort into their costumes I feel it is my duty to take their pictures and show them off to the world. I had such a great time and got to meet a few of my idols along the way including the legend, Meatloaf and Elvira. What I truly love about this crowd is that they have fun, and even though it is spooky movies, the kids have a wonderful time too. The little boy dressed up as Georgie did an AMAZING job with his costume and he had fun showing it off too. You will see me there next year when this kicks off again, so if you see me in the crowd feel free to stop and say Hey.

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